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Strategic Advisory
Strategic Advisory


We have an established track record in corporate strategic planning.

RAL Capital has established track records in corporate strategic planning and can significantly contribute to the review of your strategic options and the potential pursuit of growth via an M&A strategy.


Our team supports, stimulates and challenges our clients' point of view and enhance their strategic decision making process. Using modeling tools, strategic planning analysis, business valuations and financial capacity analysis, to name a few, we help to establish the most appropriate growth strategy.



Our clients often come to us for assistance in finding the right answers to key questions.


Is it time to sell my business to protect my capital?



Should I grow my business further to maximize value?



Should I acquire to increase critical mass and reduce costs?



Would diversification be the right option to protect from adversarial changes in my core market?


Is a minority shareholder or a public offering (IPO) something I should consider to accelerate growth or to prepare my exit?


We help companies in various industries enter new markets in Asia and navigate uncharted routes.

Market Research
Market Research

The race for growth in today’s economy is characterized by increasing competition from direct and indirect players. This is a consequence of economic slowdown and the entrance of smaller unknown players. Greater market volatility and uncertainty is also making it harder for companies to look beyond a 3-year span.


RAL Capital has helped companies across various industry sectors enter new markets in Asia and navigate uncharted routes with strong focus on Japan, Korea and Greater China, to reach new sets of customers.









Customer Segmentation





Market Entry Roadmap





Market Penetration





Market Potential Analysis & Forecasting





Product Introduction & Extension


Sales Acceleration


We deliver sales revenue by providing an alternative to staffing up dedicated sales offices.

Sales Acceleration

For many years RAL Capital has helped companies expanding to new markets. We provide all services that fast growing companies need to establish and effective sales force.


Our mission is to assist companies building profitable business in new territories fast and with confidence while developing new opportunities and expanding its market presence. Thus without the costs, risks and delays associated when opening foreign offices and hiring local employees.



Account Director

On-Demand or Part-Time basis




Channel Management

Partner & Retail Development




Sales Management

Local, Regional, or Global Sales Activities




Lead Generation

Email, Telemarketing and Tradeshows




Sales & Marketing Support

Market Entry Strategies, Research, Product & Services Positioning and Localization



Low Risk

Short or Long Term contract





Experienced local sales & Marketing team




C-Level Approach

Utilizing existing relationships without the delay cultivating contacts from scratch



Local Knowledge

Tap into existing channels, buyer accounts and local relationships




One contract and one payment for all services



We provide technical and commercial due diligence for investment transactions and M&A.

M&A Investments
Investment Transactions and M&A

We provide technical and commercial due diligence in support of investment transactions and M&A in various industry verticals by leveraging our expert knowledge in technology and finance. We help both buy and sell side parties identify opportunities and work with our clients on deal sourcing and funding.


We also provide post-investment services including strategic recommendations on operational activities, marketing strategy, valuation and total cost of ownership analysis, business model development and planning, market analysis, vendor management, and managed service development.

Our clients include private equity, venture capitalists, investment banks, high-tech firms, and software & hardware firms as well as media companies around the world.


We operate on an integrated basis to source and distribute products and services around the world

Commodity Trading
Commodity Trading

RAL Capital trading division operates on an integrated basis to source and distribute a variety of products and services around the world. Our traders combine decades of experience, in-depth global market knowledge combined with logistic and supply chain experience to deliver the best service for our business partners.


RAL Capital’s activities focus on general B2B trading, export, import and distributional. Following the concept of Japanese Sogo Shosha (general trading companies) our traders built a highly diverse business environment that trade in a wide range of goods and services.







Oil & Gas





Food & Beverage





Precious Metals







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